Introducing Alison Jane
Alison Sheppard

Ali loves doing the dirty work that we all hate...

...extremely thorough research, chasing people up and converting 'maybe' into 'yes'.

But thirteen years as a self-driven, top-selling, award winning real estate agent didn't turn Ali into a hardened bulldog, it taught her three very valuable things:

  1. Thinking outside the box and stepping up a gear will get people's attention

  2. Developing a deep understanding of your target customer and staying ahead of their buying trends significantly increased brand awareness and business profits

  3. That her vivacious energy and personable nature could be better spent helping others drive successful businesses.

When you work with a self-driven and highly motivated go-getter like Ali, you know that you are receiving the very best public relations, communication and creative expertise, detailed industry knowledge and dedicated service that you could possibly get.